China’s first fully automatic salmon processing line

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A new Marel processing line has been installed at Shanghai Hi-Chain Foods’ salmon processing facility near Shanghai.

The plant produces up to 30 metric tons of salmon products per day and the Marel installation includes filleting, trimming, pinbone removal, skinning, portioning and slicing equipment. Shanghai Hi-Chain Foods also processes tuna, king crab and other seafood.

In recent years, Chinese salmon processors have increasingly sought out hi-tech processing equipment in order to improve performance and food safety, to raise yield and to reduce costs. This project began after Mr. Li, General Manager of Hi-Chain, attended the 2016 Salmon ShowHow in order to find out more about what Marel could offer in terms of advanced salmon processing technology. The showhow is held in Copenhagen each year and invites salmon processors to experience Marel’s equipment and software first hand in a simulated processing plant environment.

Mr. Li was especially interested in Marel’s filleting lines, which he saw for the first time at the showhow, and he left the event convinced that Marel could help Hi-Chain produce superior quality salmon products for its customers, whose demand for quality keeps growing.

The Hi-Chain plant has been fully operational since the end of August 2017.

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