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Tuna slices in oil | Sardines in oil | Mackerel slices in oil | Mackerel fillet in oil

Canned fish is available throughout the year.
The benefit of canned fish is that it can be consumed without prior thermal treatment and have excellent nutritional value.

Kompanija TAM fish&shrimps u svom asortimanu trenutno ima:

• Smuđ blago dim. kotleti u biljnom ulju
• Pastrmka blago dim. kotleti u biljnom ulju
• Skuša blago dim. kotleti u biljnom ulju

Prices on the portal are in dinars (RSD) with VAT included. The price that a customer receives in a fiscal account is binding on both the seller and the buyer.
It is sometimes not possible to deliver the exact amount of product for the measurement, but team members will try to make the amount as close as possible to the ordered.

Commercial packages : These are single packages, where the weight of the packaging is indicated for each package in the description of the product. For commercial packages the prices are expressed per piece.
Bulk Packaging : These are kilogram packages where the prices for bulk goods are expressed per kilogram.

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skuša u konzervi
Pastrmka u konzervi