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Smoked Salmon

Our exclusive salmon is smoked with the smoke of fine wood. Due to the high concentration of precious omega-3 fatty acids, our salmon gives important contribution to the healthy diet. 

It has mild, harmonious, coordinated taste. 

Salmon (salnio salar) comes from Norway. 

Expiration date: 45 days 

The prices on the portal are shown in dinars (RSD) with included taxes (VAT). The price the buyer receives in the fiscal bill is binding on both the seller and the buyer. Sometimes, it is not possible to deliver the exact quantity of the product, but the staff of the team will try to keep the quantity as close as possible to the ordered quantity.

Commercial packaging: Those are individual packages where the weight of the product is imprinted on each package in description. The prices are expressed for each piece. Packages come in sizes of 100g and 200g. 

Bulk packages: Those are kilogram packs where prices for bulk goods are expressed per kilogram. 

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